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The Cost of a Missed Call

What do unanswered calls cost your business? Recent studies show 94% of new customers whose calls go unanswered choose to go with another company instead of leaving a message and waiting! Today’s consumers want an immediate response.

So with all this information in hand why do so many company’s still neglect to answer the phone? The two most common answers to this are time and employee cost. Most small businesses do not have the means to staff for every possible time a call might come in. They have to run a “lean” business to maximize profit, but in turn sacrifice customer service! Many small businesses respond to this by developing self-service internet driven solutions.

Even in today’s technologically advanced, text driven communication environment people still want to talk to a live person when making buying decisions. The internet makes it easy to communicate and do business online, but many customers will not feel at ease doing business with you until they talk to someone, and telephone calls still generate most of the revenue for small to mid-sized businesses. Loyal customers are becoming extinct because of the lack of satisfaction and trust in businesses today that is driven by the lack of attention to customer service and poor communication.

So, how can a small business ensure calls are being answered and handled properly without breaking the bank for new staff? A properly trained call center is the ideal solution. The right call center for your business will offer agents that can be trained to act as an extension of your business. A call center will also allow your business to expand its operating hours to limit missed calls, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. They also limit your costs on personnel as the call center takes care of all the employee responsibilities and costs giving you the ability to focus on your business!

Be sure to do your research and find the proper call center for your business to ensure success. Spend time with the call center management team to make sure they know how to handle your calls appropriately and I am sure you will immediately see the value. Any company’s number one asset is their customers, and a properly used call center can show you value them and create the sticky customer your business is searching for!

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